The amazing art work that you see in this short movie is now on display in Ben-Hem’s main lobby. The pieces are superb and I srtongly recommend that you get in and see them before it is too late. Kathy Furst and her student teacher Kim Dello Russo worked with our 4th graders to plan and develop these wonderful works of art. 4th graders viewed a presentation hi-lighting different bugs camouflaged with their surroundings. From there, students completed observational drawings of bugs they selected and labeled the major parts of a bug. Once complete students had to label the various parts of the body, they moved onto creating the pieces you see here.

The display is wonderful as it, first and foremost, hi-lights the incredible dedication and talent of our students. You can see the time, attention, and effort they have put forth to create. Beyond student achievement, you can see the incredible effort of our faculty to meaningfully integrate content to enrich student learning and progress. We are incredibly proud of our students and faculty and we look forward to hearing your thoughts about the project.