Bus Assemblies at Ben-Hem

Rules for a safe and CAREing bus ride.

Riding the bus to and from school is a big responsibility for students. The ride to and from school is a great time to talk with friends and relax before and after a hard day’s work. It can also be a time when students behave in ways that do not seem so CAREing. To help our students understand our expectations for behavior on the bus, we hold bus assemblies during the first few weeks of school. During a bus assembly students from each bus join Mr. Kelly and Mr. Gatto in the cafeteria for a pretend bus ride. While we are on the ride in the

cafeteria, students sit on the bus, discuss the rules, and use hypothetical situations to apply the rules and solve common problems that arise on the bus. Some of those common problems are:

  • How to find a seat?
  • What to do if someone takes my seat?
  • What to do if someone is not being nice?
  • What to do if someone is not following the rules?

Mr. Gatto speaking to a bus full of Bobcats!