3D and K3 get together to learn about iPads!

This week 3D and K# got together for a buddy meeting. This time things were a bit different than a normal buddy visit because our 3rd graders were the teachers! Over the past few weeks students in 3D, along with the other third grade classes, have gotten familiar with the iPad and have been using it to take weekly reading assessments!

The excitement about using iPads for teaching and learning is growing and the kids in K3 wanted to get in on all of the possibilities. Mrs. Dahlheimer and Mrs. Marzullo coordinated a lesson in which the third graders would help their kindergarten buddies get familiar with the iPads and applications. Through the lesson, 3rd graders taught kindergartners basic orientation to the devices (holding it, turning it on, using the home button, volume controls, and opening/closing apps. From there they explored different learning apps on the devices and they had a great time doing so.

Check out this quick video of their work together!


4 thoughts on “3D and K3 get together to learn about iPads!

  1. Hi Mr. Kelly,
    What education apps for iPad are you finding most useful at Ben-Hem?

  2. Hi CJ,

    There are a ton! I will make a list and post it for you to check out.

    Mr. Kelly

  3. Mr Kelly,
    I think the iPads at our school help kids learn to be responsible. So far the iPads have been successfull!

  4. Hi Ipsa,

    That is great to hear! I know students are really enjoying the iPads in their classrooms. Can you tell me more about why you think they are helping kids be more responsible?


    Mr. Kelly

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