Classroom Appstravaganza!

This year the Natick elementary schools are scaling up the classroom deployment of mobile devices. Over the past five years schools have implemented these devices to explore how they might enhance learning opportunities for students. Through these small scale classroom applications our faculty and staff have learned a great deal about how to successfully use mobile technologies in the classroom. As a results, every classroom will be equipped with five iPads to enhance and supplement the learning environment. Over the summer these iPads were outfitted with a common set of applications that really work for kids. This series of posts will highlight different applications that are in use in Natick classrooms and provide parents with useful information about how they can use these applications at home.

ScreenChompThis week we are going to start with a basic but powerful application called ScreenChomp. ScreenChomp turns the iPad into a tool that students and teachers can use to show what they know and support one another through the learning process. Check out the following videos to get an overview and a how to.



How to

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