Ben-Hem’s School Council

Public schools are complex organizations focused on ensuring equal access and opportunity to learn for all students. Our public school systems are governed by a complicated web of federal law, state law, and local school committee policies and procedures. The day to day operation of schools can seem overwhelming and confusing if you don’t know the ins and outs of how schools work. This piece is the first in an ongoing series that will provide parents and families with more information about how Ben-Hem (and public schools in general) function.

In 1993 the Massachusetts legislature passed the Education Reform Act. This piece of legislation represented a monumental shift in structure and practice for public schools across the Commonwelath. Amongst other changes, the Ed Reform Act of 1993 established the requirements for statewide learning standards, a comprehensive standardized testing system and the establishment of school councils at every public school.

The legislative intent behind the school council provisions was to provide school principals with support in running and managing schools as the state was providing greater decision making authority to building level administrators. The school council is a elected group of parent and faculty representatives who advise the principal on the needs of the school, school improvement planning, and school budget.

Ben-Hem’s school council meets once per month between September and May. The meetings are an hour long and focus on current issues as they relate to Ben-Hem. While you have to be elected to be a participating member of the school council, all are welcome to attend and hear more about the bigger picture issues that drive our continued efforts. You can find the council’s meeting schedule, agendas, and meeting minutes on our website.

School Council Members:

Ian P. Kelly, Principal

Mary Gavin, Special Education Teacher

Kim Marzullo, Grade 1 Teacher

Caroline Kruszewska, Kindergarten Teacher

Kate Wraight, Grade 2 Teacher

Hayley Sonnenborn, Parent

Florina Uyar, Parent

Susan Harvey, Parent

Amanda Wasecki-Wislocki, Parent

Ben Gatto, Vice Principal (Member Ex-Officio)


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