Home for Little Wanderers Coin Drive

Ms. Muller’s class and Ms. Ewick’s class are making a fundraiser for helping the”Home For Little Wanderers” and buying toys for them. You can bring your money to the office, Ms.Mullers class, or Ms.Ewick class. The coin drive is over Friday December 17th. Make shure you bring money in before it ends!


Anna, Cecil, and Sophia.

Here is our collection jar in the main office!

Here is our collection jar in the main office!

Thank You For All The Food!!


Thank you for all the donations we have received so far. We have collected 282 pieces of food. We have helped in Natick’s effort to feed the hungry in Natick. We hope our efforts to feed Natick succeed and a lot less people in Natick are hungry. We are really thankful that so many people are donating food and we  are so happy that so many families care about hunger in Natick. We also want to thank the families who donated Thanksgiving food. It helped make much more Thanksgivings in Natick. Thank you for reading this blog and thanks for the food.


Adam  and Jake

Coat Drive Update

Hello again this is Jenna, Skylar, and Joe,

Please help doanate coats to people less fortunate than you and I. So far we have 115 coats . We still need 85 more to meet our goal of 200. 1 coat can make a big differance . The Ben-Hem coat drive needs your help . Thank you for listening to our update  hope you have a great holiday season .

photo[1] photo[2]

Help me with my Patchwork Reading Quilt!

I walked into Mrs. Briones’ class this morning and found a classroom full of excited learners! I had to find out what was going on so I sat and listened for a while and found out that everyone is completing a Patchwork Reading Quilt. It sounded like so much fun that I asked Mrs. Briones if I could do one too. Fortunately she let me and now I have an assignment to complete with our 4th graders. I will be working on my Patchwork Reading Quilt over the next few months and I could really use your help with finding great books to read. I need to read 22 total so any recommendations would be a great help!

My Patchwork Reading Quilt!

My Patchwork Reading Quilt!

Brrrr… its cold outside here at Ben-Hem. Help donate coats!

Hi, this is Skylar, Jenna and Joseph. We are fourth graders here at Ben-Hem elementary.

We are having a coat drive. We are doing this for kids and adults that need comfort to survive this cold winter.

The box is located in the main lobby of the school. Please donate.

The coat drive will be over in February!


Skylar, Jenna and Joseph

Help us feed Natick!

Ben-Hem has been doing a food drive for 3 weeks. So far the school has collected 210 items of food. We beat our goal of 200 with 1 week still left! We will make our goal higher ever month. All of our food will be going to the Natick Food Pantry. We have heard lately that they have been asking for “EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING!” And we knew that this was not a good sign, so 6 4th grade boys got together an decided to do this and help Natick. We have been trying to help Natick, and we want nobody in Natick to starve. We thought to ourselves, “What if it was us that was hungry?” so we decided to do this. So far has been great, blowing away our expectations, and we thank everyone that helped. And we hope that we help and look forward to December’s Food Drive. Please help us to feed Natick!

Thank You For Everything,

Adam Faberman and Jake Curley